sexta-feira, 22 de maio de 2015

JESUS IS IT US ....GOTT MIT UNS GOTT MIT DIR ...IN EVERY MAN A JESUS ....IN EVERY JESUS A MAN ...OR TWO OR THREE ...SOMETIMES ONE MAN AND HOLY GHOST AND A OLD GODSIEG HEIL SEIG HEIL IN AMERIKA nonsense Jesus is not Mexican or a greasy latino like this cruz guy, Jesus is a red blood american that is exported to palestine with a Ford T 2000 years ago by OUR FORD ... HEIL WALT DISNEY PUT JESUS IN THE CROSS ...OR IN THE CRUZ IS THE SAME LAME ---TED TALKS? TED TALKS ALOT ..

  • Greg Heifner Nonsense Jesus. Read up on your namesake. Go spill oil on some more Dolphins. No surprise your in the oil business.

  • Revulai Détiv Hey guys, what would Jesus Galvan do? Probably dumb oil on a duck for $4. Scumbag.
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  • Daniel Ramallo Except that's completely not true
  • Ananda Chowdhury The world would be a better place w/o radical republicans and extreme liberals!

    Greg Heifner The world would be better of without radical republicans and fundamental religious leaders. They are the source for all the craziness.

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